So here I am on my first day in Adelaide/Glenelg Beach. I arrived last night at about 10pm (after 25 hours of traveling!) and pretty much went straight to sleep! I’m staying in a beachfront hostel on Glenelg Beach (Glenelg is a beach-side suburb of Adelaide and is listed as the most popular beach in the whole of Adelaide!). I’m currently enjoying an iced coffee and a sautéed mushroom panini in a coffee house on the main strip.

The last time I was in Australia was 4 and a half years ago. I was 19 at the time and it was my first time traveling on my own…here I am nearly 5 years later and even more addicted to travel than I was back then! So back then, I did a solo trip of the East Coast, I flew into Sydney, spent a few days exploring the city and then caught an over night coach to Byron Bay. Byron Bay was so interesting, a hippy beach town known for it’s surfing…I had my first ever surfing lesson there! I also visited Surfer’s Paradise, Noosa, Rainbow Beach, Fraser Island, Airlie Beach, The Whitsundays, Magnetic Island and Cairns. The trip lasted just under 5 weeks.

The trip I’m doing this time is shorter and not quite so fast-paced. I’m spending almost a week chilling here in Adelaide (with strong intensions of soaking up the sun, sampling coffee and cake in the many cafés/coffee houses and just generally taking advantage of the ‘beach town vibes’!), after that I’ll head on to Auckland, New Zealand for a few days and then stopping off in Hong Kong for 3 days on my way back to the U.K. It’s so refreshing to escape the cold weather back home for a while!

It’s now Friday evening, my second day here. I had a pretty relaxing day, I walked along the beach promenade in the morning for about an hour (my exercise for the day!), then headed back to my hostel for lunch (one of the benefits of staying in such a central location!). In the afternoon, I browsed around a few of the beachfront boutiques and then stopped by a frozen yogurt stand for some all-natural mango ‘fro yo’!

Something that I love about Australia is that they really seem to make an effort to encourage a ‘eco-friendly’ lifestyle. I’ve noticed a lot of the cafés here are very eco-friendly and health conscious. Also, I noticed a ‘bulk foods’ store (a store that sells dried goods such as oats, rice etc. in bulk and you can bring your own containers…no plastic!). I’m hoping this kind of thing becomes more popular in the U.K. soon!

Tomorrow, I’m planning on taking the tram into the city centre of Adelaide to explore!

travelwithkay xo