So I apologise in advance if you’re not particularly a big Elvis fan as this post is mostly about him!

The Graceland Estate is in Memphis (in the deep southern state of Tennessee) and it was the home of Elvis Presley since the day he died in 1977.

I arrived at my hotel in Memphis on the Monday evening and straight away made use of the swimming pool! I decided to have a relaxed, early night so I would feel energised for the following day.

After enjoying a delicious hotel breakfast, I made my way to Graceland – a 30 minute walk that felt more like 90 minutes in the 35oc heat!

I purchased my tour ticket and we first of all watched a small tribute movie. We then boarded the mini bus to start the tour (the mansion and grounds were just a 2 minute drive away).

We admired the outside of the house for a short while and then stepped inside to view the interior. The rooms we had access to included Elvis’ lounge, dining room, kitchen and the basement rooms.

We then went to look around a trophy museum on the grounds, Elvis’ Racquetball Building (including a wonderful entertainment lounge) and a storage/office room that was detached from the house, I can’t remember the exact details but it think it was formally the garage that was then converted. We also saw the swimming pool and ‘meditation’ garden (including Elvis’ grave’.

We then took the bus back to the main entrance to go and view two of Elvis’ private planes. We started with the large plane, named ‘Lisa Marie’ after his daughter. The interior has barely been touched since Elvis’ passing (just over 40 years ago) so it was incredible to see, it looks so dated now! But truly incredible! The second plane was much smaller but just as impressive.

Before heading back to my hotel, I stopped by the diner within the Graceland grounds – a classic American diner! Known for their thick milkshakes and one of Elvis’ favourite foods, ‘grilled banana and peanut butter sandwich’! I had just had lunch so I decided to just go for a milkshake. I went for the banana peanut butter milkshake and loved it. A proper, old-fashioned fresh thick milkshake!