My time in D.C felt very short. Unfortunately, there was a huge storm yesterday so I had to spend half of the day cooped up indoors! I managed to get out in the morning and go to see the National Building Museum (a museum of architecture, design, urban living/planning etc.) which was very interesting. After that, the storm continued to worsen so I headed back to my hotel.

The next morning, I woke up praying that the weather would improve…I nervously looked out the window to see that the rain had stopped! I wasted no time at the hotel and quickly got ready for the day, hoping that I could beat the rain! I first walked to The White House and grounds. (for those of you who don’t already know, The White House is the official home of the President of the United States) I then went to see the National Mall (home to iconic monuments such as the ‘Lincoln Memorial’ and the ‘Washington Monument’. To the east, is the US Capitol, and The White House is to the north.