So we arrived in the Cameron Highlands late morning (traveling from Chenderoh Lake) and checked-in to a small but cute guesthouse there! We then walked about 5 minutes to the town/high street to get a light lunch before our excursion. Our excursion consisted of us all bundling into a large 4 x 4 and having a local guide take us to the tourist stops in the Cameron Highlands.


They’re known for producing their own tea so we first went to a ‘Boh’ (one of the top tea producers in Asia) tea factory. They had the actual tea factory, a room about the history of ‘Boh’ tea, a gift shop and a café. A couple of us decided to sample the tea in the café, I went for the lychee rose tea and it was lovely!

Our guide then took us to a ‘Strawberry Farm’. In the gift shop, they sold all kinds of strawberry products. I decided to sample a fresh strawberry muffin in the café! We then hopped back in the 4 x 4 and headed to ‘Mossy Forest’, a nature reserve in Malaysia.