When I think of Tokyo I think of an attractive, futuristic city scattered with neon-lit skyscrapers. Well it certainly didn’t disappointment. There was such a buzz…

First was the jaw-dropping Tokyo Skytree. Which I must point out, we had an amazing view of from our hotel room! Only a ten minute walk away, we stopped for breakfast on the way. As you arrive at the Skytree, you walk into quite a large entrance hall with different types of ticket offices etc. There was also a large fact file on the wall about the different types of towers/tallest buildings that have been built around the world at different points in time. The Tokyo Skytree is currently the tallest observation tower in the world, 634m to be exact! The views from the Skytree were just incredible.

travelwithkay’s advice: you can get pretty cheap tickets if you’re willing to wait roughly 10-15 minutes in the line. Or there’s an ‘international fast-track’ line at a much higher cost!

After the Skytree, we felt we ‘needed’ a coffee stop…we found this lovely coffee house. It was quite high up (we climbed many stairs to get to the main Skytree entrance as well as the cafés etc.) and we sat on the veranda with our coffees taking in the stunning views of the city.

We decided to brave the subway and headed to Shinjuku. A very comerical district and Tokyo’s largest neighbourhood. There was a lot of delicious looking street food. And of course, the destinctive neon signs!

The next day we went to Ginza. It’s known as the Western-style shopping district and I can see why. I wasn’t too fond of Ginza. It was full of high-end designer stores like ‘Chanel’. The kind of stores I can’t afford! We went to Roppongi after that. Which is known for it’s nightlife and dining. Also visited (by taking the subway) Shimbashi, Akasaka, Shibuya (lots of bars, restaurants etc.),