Xi’an is home to the Terracotta Warriors and is also known for being the starting point of the ‘Silk Road’. The Silk Road was a very old network of trade routes that connected the East and West of China. The reason behind why it’s called the Silk Road is quite obvious…it was because of the large amount of Silk trade that was carried out.


We arrived in Xi’an quite late and just went straight to the hotel…I find even after a short flight you still feel exhausted! Below, you’ll see a few photos of the hotel. We started off the next day at the Terracotta Factory – it was interesting to see them making the souvenirs etc. We didn’t spend too long here and then headed straight onto the main Terracotta Museum – the most important part of our time in Xi’an!

Our tour guide told us that the best order to view the Terracotta Warriors was starting with pit 1, pit 3 and then finishing with pit 2. So pit 1 is the largest pit with around 6000 soldiers as well as being the 1st of the pits to be discovered (in 1974 by farmers). It’s a large hall/warehouse, it’s a lot lighter than the other pits due to there being quite a few sky lights. Pit 3 – the smallest of the 3 pits (with around 68 soldiers) and the only one that is actually finished. A lot of the warriors were badly destroyed in this pit, with many of them having missing heads etc. There is also a chariot equipped with four horses that was discovered inside the chamber of the pit. Pit 2 has around 1000-2000 soldiers. Most of the roof had caved in so the warriors were extremely damaged.

After an unforgettable trip to see the Terracotta Warriors, we were taken to a nearby hotel in Xi’an for another delicious feast.

In the evening, we were taken to watch the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show as well as enjoying a ‘Dumpling Tasting Dinner’. Dumplings are apparently traditional local food in northern China.

The following day started off at the Ancient City Wall. You can hire bicycles to ride along the wall so my Mom and I bravely decided to hire a tandem bicycle for the first time. As you can imagine, it took us a while to get going (almost crashing into pedestrians as well as the wall itself…all while locals laughed at us!) but we soon got the hang of it and had a lot of fun! Next was the Shaanxi History Museum which was extremely interesting. Items in the museum included coins, jewellery, murals, paintings etc.