My family are all from South Africa (with my Mom, Dad, sister and I living in the U.K.) so this trip was about spending time with family as well as seeing one of my cousins get married!

My aunt and uncle have lived in Langebaan on and off for a few years now, with the rest of my family living in either Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban. For those of you who have never heard of Langebaan, it’s a smallish coastal town in the western cape of South Africa and a 2 hour drive from Cape Town.

I absolutely love Langebaan. It has such a calm, peaceful, happy feel. ‘Small town’ vibes!

We arrived on the Saturday morning and drove from Cape Town to Langebaan spending the rest of the day relaxing. The next day we had Drue’s (the bride-to-be…my cousin’s wife now) Kitchen Tea to go to in Constantia. Constantia being a rather prestigious suburb of Cape Town. So it was back in the car for another 2 hour drive! We made a half-way stop as this lovely farm store for a quick bite to eat. The farm store sold all kinds of produce, including homemade jams, biscuits etc.

We arrived at the Kitchen Tea and were straight away greeted with a glass of Champagne. It was a hot, sunny day and we all mingled outside. The house, (owned by one of Drue’s friends) had big concertina doors open – the large open-plan kitchen being one side of the doors and an outdoor patio area the other side. On the patio, was a large table full of cheeses, savoury biscuits, grapes and lots of other delicious snacks. Drue’s bridesmaids had chosen a ‘Tiffany and Co’ theme so there were Tiffany blue balloons dotted around as well as a table full of beautifully decorated cupcakes and dainty tea cups. A fabulous afternoon!

So whilst in Langebaan, my aunt and uncle took us to lots of lovely restaurants/cafés etc. One of my favourite meals was at one of the beachfront restaurants, I went for the ‘Crayfish Thermidor’. Other meals consisted of lots of seafood and steak!