For those of you who don’t already know, Huanchaco is a vacation beach town in the city of Trujillo, Peru. It’s known for its surfing, ceviche and stunning sunsets!

Friday 26th January (Máncora – Huanchaco) – we had our overnight bus this evening so we had a lot of time to kill! (this is why we only had a short amount of time in Huanchaco) I relaxed at the hotel for most of the day and went for ice cream in the afternoon. A lovely ice cream café/shop that did homemade ice cream on a cone for about $1.50! We then caught our overnight bus at around 10pm.

Saturday 27th January – So we arrived at our hotel in Huanchaco in the morning. Pretty much right on the beach…just a smallish promenade separating our hotel from the ocean! As well as a nice hotel pool! We had a couple of hours to kill until we could check into our rooms so most of us went to go and explore. We hadn’t had any breakfast and I was starving so I went to go and find somewhere that served breakfast/brunch. Myself and one of the other girls on the tour found a cute café to eat. We had a lovely waitress that served us and I ordered warm Nutella and plantain pancakes served with fresh mango juice…delicious!

We mostly just relaxed the rest of the day. For dinner, we all went back to the same café! I went on about how good my pancakes were that the others wanted to see what all the fuss was about…and we were not disappointed, great food again. The service was a little slow but I guess that’s to be expected when you have a big group and the food was all cooked fresh to order.

Sunday 28th January – We had another night bus to catch this evening (only at about 10pm) so we had another full day in Huanchaco. In the morning, I walked down the street to a lovely bakery and had coffee and a donut! The bakery seemed popular considering I could barely find a spare table!

In the afternoon, myself and one of the other girls on my tour found a cool vegan café/bar down the road from our hotel and had a delicious vegan chocolate cupcake! Very hippy vibes and seemed to be particularly popular with the surfers. We liked it so much that we went back there for dinner with another one of the girls on my tour!

That evening we took the night bus to Lima at about 10pm.