I mean, the Amazon Rainforest needs no introduction so I’ll jump straight into my diary entry…

Wednesday 17th January (traveling from Quito to Tena) – We had breakfast at our hotel and then headed straight to ‘Cabanas Pimpilala’ (roughly 6 hours by coach). We arrived at the lodge in the Amazon Jungle in the afternoon. We met our hosts (an older couple and their sons and daughter) and we were served a light lunch. The lunches and suppers were usually a soup followed by rice, meat and veg. We were then taken on a walk/explore around the jungle.

Thursday 18th January – In the morning, ours hosts had set up a chocolate making class for us, it was so interesting and delicious! Not as sweet as the chocolate you buy in grocery stores. We then headed out in the afternoon to hike through the rainforest (hiking up waterfalls 10m high!).

Friday 19th January – we first went to visit a local school (the only school for miles), we had bought gifts for them the previous day so we gave them those. Our tour guide gave us a few recommendations on what to buy for the school kids (certain foods that they could not get in the jungle). We then went to the natural pools – beautiful national park in the jungle. In the afternoon, the owner of the lodge, took us on a walk to teach us about the uses of certain tropical plants. After supper, we drank far too much rum and Coca-Cola to celebrate our last night in the jungle! The hosts also joined in, teaching us local dances etc.