Quito to Lima Adventure…

So I kick-started my South American adventure with a 6am flight to Quito, Ecuador! I flew with KLM, stopping over in Amsterdam on the way. I haven’t flown with KLM in years and was extremely impressed with the service on the flight. I arrived at my hotel at roughly 5pm local time. My tour started the next evening so I spent that first night just relaxing in the room, I was exhausted!

The following day, we had our tour meeting at roughly 8pm so I had the whole day to have some ‘me’ time (I think it’s important to try and squeeze in some ‘me’ time when travelling with a group). I went for breakfast at a café two streets down from my hotel. I ordered the ‘breakfast deal’ – coffee, bread, cheese and scrambled eggs!

On the tour, we always shared a hotel room with one other person…after the first hotel, our tour guide asked if it was okay to have the same people sharing a room for the whole trip and everyone was happy to do so!
In the afternoon, my roommate arrived…a lovely girl from New Zealand. We decided to go for a nice explore around the city. We went to see the Basilica. 360 views of Quito!

Our tour meeting was at 7pm – for roughly an hour. I got to meet the rest of the group, mostly of a similar age. There were 8 of us in total (not including the tour guide) from all over the world! America, Germany, NZ, Norway etc.
We then all decided to go to a local bar a couple of streets down for pizza and beer, what a great way to ‘break the ice’ and get to know each other.