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Chillin’ in Malibu

On our way to Malibu (driving there from Santa Monica), we stopped by a quaint looking sandwich shop and ordered some freshly made sarnies. Malibu has many stunning beaches. White sand and very clear water. 

We relaxed (and ate our delicious sandwiches) on Zuma Beach for a while. Zuma Beach is about 2 miles long with lots of lifeguard stations. It’s quite a lively beach, with people jogging, windsurfing…playing volleyball etc. We enjoyed watching all the surfers! We also walked along Malibu pier. Much smaller than the Santa Monica pier but still worth seeing. It’s an historic pier with a few restaurants/cafés, built in the early 1900s. Known more as a fishing pier. 

Berlin, Germany

Second stop on my ‘Europe Summer Trip’…Berlin! So far, I’m loving the city. I arrived yesterday (late morning) and after dropping my bags off at my hotel, I headed out to find something to eat. I stopped by this quaint looking German bistro named ‘Zur Rose’ and decided to eat there. The décor was vintage and cosy. I ordered the ‘Spätzle’. Which I later learned was a pasta variation (with the texture being more like a dumpling) served with lots of cheese and a side salad! I would definitely recommend this restaurant for any of you who are planning a trip to Berlin soon!

Trying the ‘Spätzle’ in Zur Rose.
Zur Rose

Some of the sights I saw that I would recommend as ‘must-sees’ would be the Reichstag Building which was built in the 1800s, the Brandenburg Gate – a stunning sight and an 18th century monument, the ‘Berliner Dom’ which is located on Museum Island in the Mitte district and then the ‘Berliner Fernsehturm’ (Berlin TV Tower) – 368 metres tall, it’s the cities most visible landmark and gives you 360° views.

Reichstag Building

2 days in Oslo, Norway

So today is the first day of my two week trip around Europe. I’ll be visiting five new countries and the first stop being Oslo! So far, I would say there’s a lot of greenery (considering it’s a city) and a very peaceful vibe.

Eating out in Oslo I’ve found Oslo to be rather expensive. Especially the price of food, both in supermarkets and eating out. I found that if you walk slightly away from the city centre, down the smaller side streets you can find restaurants that are slightly more affordable if you’re on a budget. When finding somewhere to eat, there’s so much to choose from. Small cafés selling sweet treats as well as savoury items, curry houses, all sorts of Asian cuisine, American diners and of course local cuisine. (personally, I make sure I only eat the local cuisine) I found their portion sizes to be pretty small. Whilst ordering lunch in a small restaurant, the waitress recommended ordering two dishes per person if you have a big appetite!

Sights worth seeing would be The Royal Palace and grounds. There’s a long promenade filled with restaurants etc. that leads up to the palace. Before, reaching the palace, you walk past the palace park, ‘Slottsparken’ owned by the royal family. There are over 2000 trees there that were planted in the 1800s! The palace was built in the first half of the 19th century as the Norwegian residence of King Charles III of Norway. ‘Rådhuset’. Oslo’s city hall. It was built over 20 years in the early 1900s, with an interruption during the Second World War. Another amazing sight to see, is the Akershus Fortress. A medieval castle. Today, it’s used as a military base as well as a museum open for the public. Built in the late 1200s. The Oslo Opera House is also a must-see. The architecture is incredible. It’s home to the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. The unique angled exterior surfaces of the opera house are covered with marble and white granite. It was built in 2007.

‘Skagen’. A traditional Norwegian-style open sandwich. The topping was smoked salmon, shrimps, boiled egg with mayo and dill. As well as a Norwegian craft beer!

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