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The perfect way to spend a Sunday morning…

My answer? Food! There’s nothing better than going out for a bite to eat on a relaxing Sunday. Today, marks two weeks living in Calgary, Alberta and I’ve wasted no time trying out some of the favourite eateries here.

Nellie’s Cosmic Café – a neighbourhood favourite. So last Sunday I visited Nellie’s. A colourful, vintage diner. After being seated at a window booth, I was straight away greeted with a hot cup of coffee and a newspaper. Especially welcoming on a cold, winters day! I ordered the fresh blueberry pancakes. 

Nellie’s Cosmic Café

When my brunch arrived, I couldn’t help but think, ‘such typical American/Canadian portions!’ as I stared at the huge stack of fluffy pancakes. I generously poured maple syrup all over them and tucked in. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, they were delicious. Surprisingly, I almost finished them! I enjoyed looking at the colourful vintage posters around the diner too.

The vintage posters in Nellie’s
My fresh blueberry pancakes at Nellie’s

This Sunday I went to Galaxie Diner for brunch. It was quite different to Nellie’s. It had that ‘grubby’ diner look that you see in some movies and was very loud. But I liked it, it was so unpretentious. It’s apparently a real neighbourhood favourite and has been here for years. It had a great, retro vibe…with bright red leather booths and a vintage-looking long counter for the ‘solo diners’. I ordered the ‘Huevos Rancheros’. Amazing! 

Huevos Rancheros at Galaxie Diner

Nellie’s had a bit more of a quiet, peaceful feel – I sat there for a good few hours reading. Galaxie on the other hand, felt hectic and loud. Not the kind of place to read a book but delicious food and friendly service. Both great diners that I’ll be revisiting but for different reasons! 

My ‘go to’ travel snacks of 2018

So, sometimes I have baked healthy cookies/granola bars etc. the day before a flight but I don’t always have the time to do that so here are my favourite healthy shop-bought snacks. Whether it’s for a road trip, a flight…

‘nakd.’ bars are a great healthy snack! There’s no added sugar, dairy etc. as well as being wheat and gluten-free!

I recently tried one of the Trek chocolate flapjacks during my trip to South America…it was delicious and it really gives you energy!

I often eat Urban Fruit. My favourite are the mango and strawberry ones, they also do smaller ‘pocket-size’ bags! I love the fact that there’s no added sugar. There are a lot of dried fruit snacks in the supermarkets but finding one with no added sugar is not always easy!


I first tried a Nature Valley granola bar on a trip to Australia. I had packed a whole box of them and quickly became obsessed! The crunchy ones are particularly nice to dip into coffee! I sometimes grab a Nature Valley bar as a on-the-go breakfast when I’m on my way to work!


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