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24 hours in Melaka

We arrived in Melaka (an old port town) from KL in the afternoon. The architecture in Melaka was incredible. Lots of attractive, old buildings as well as shops/buildings covered in colourful street art. Exploring the old, narrow streets of Melaka was fascinating, we saw some temples and I also loved the small, arty-looking cafés/boutiques. We took a boat ride to tour the canals of Melaka. Since we were only there for one night, the boat trip was a great way to view the different parts of the city. For dinner, we walked about 15 minutes to a local restaurant by the port. I went for a traditional Malaysian curry again!

The dynamic city of Kuala Lumpur…

After our brief time in the Cameron Highlands, we headed to Kuala Lumpur. We arrived in KL around lunch time so after checking-in, we headed straight out for a quick bite to eat!


In the evening, I went to a well-known café to have a traditional Malaysian curry served on top of a banana leaf! It was delicious!

The next day, I spent most of the day exploring the modern city of…including visiting the iconic Petronas towers! In the evening, I met up with my group and we went to a rooftop bar for sundowners. The rooftop bar was part of a large hotel directly opposite the Petronas towers so we had stunning views of the towers as the sun set. After that, we ate at a large street food market…absolutely delicious food again!

The peaceful Cameron Highlands

So we arrived in the Cameron Highlands late morning (traveling from Chenderoh Lake) and checked-in to a small but cute guesthouse there! We then walked about 5 minutes to the town/high street to get a light lunch before our excursion. Our excursion consisted of us all bundling into a large 4 x 4 and having a local guide take us to the tourist stops in the Cameron Highlands.


They’re known for producing their own tea so we first went to a ‘Boh’ (one of the top tea producers in Asia) tea factory. They had the actual tea factory, a room about the history of ‘Boh’ tea, a gift shop and a café. A couple of us decided to sample the tea in the café, I went for the lychee rose tea and it was lovely!

Our guide then took us to a ‘Strawberry Farm’. In the gift shop, they sold all kinds of strawberry products. I decided to sample a fresh strawberry muffin in the café! We then hopped back in the 4 x 4 and headed to ‘Mossy Forest’, a nature reserve in Malaysia.


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