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My ‘go to’ travel snacks of 2018

So, sometimes I have baked healthy cookies/granola bars etc. the day before a flight but I don’t always have the time to do that so here are my favourite healthy shop-bought snacks. Whether it’s for a road trip, a flight…

‘nakd.’ bars are a great healthy snack! There’s no added sugar, dairy etc. as well as being wheat and gluten-free!

I recently tried one of the Trek chocolate flapjacks during my trip to South America…it was delicious and it really gives you energy!

I often eat Urban Fruit. My favourite are the mango and strawberry ones, they also do smaller ‘pocket-size’ bags! I love the fact that there’s no added sugar. There are a lot of dried fruit snacks in the supermarkets but finding one with no added sugar is not always easy!


I first tried a Nature Valley granola bar on a trip to Australia. I had packed a whole box of them and quickly became obsessed! The crunchy ones are particularly nice to dip into coffee! I sometimes grab a Nature Valley bar as a on-the-go breakfast when I’m on my way to work!



Chilling in Langebaan…


The best of Beijing

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